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Shoppers are the food that keeps the retail industry alive. Combating consumers’ newfound frugality, retailers are now focusing on increased customer intimacy and are channelling expansion as their key business driver.

Why DNA?

Here at DNA, retailers don’t have the hassle of choosing between strategic partner and a cost effective outsourcing provider, as we provide the best of both. Our Retail Innovation Group ensures the constant supply of creativity and innovation matching the client’s needs.

Cautious spend patterns, evolving purchase channels and increasing competition are the key challenges faced by retailers. Consumers interact directly with brands and demand superior experience at lower costs. Changing consumer psychology, blurring of channels and supply chain globalization is adding to the complexity. DNA combines technology and deep domain expertise and delivers consumer-centric retail solutions. Our solutions help retailers implement omni-channel commerce strategies and collaborate better with their stores and supply chain partners.

How do we do this?

• Next generation COEs --

Our world class COEs in digital commerce, mobility, big data and cloud improve global supply chain collaboration

• Advanced analytics --

We enable informed decisions by providing business insights based on customer and consumer data

• Frameworks and solution --

Our frameworks help customers deliver speed to market at lower costs

• DNA Retail Portal solution (DRP) --

Our unique Retail Portal solution ensures efficient store operations, with seamless communication at multiple levels

Our solutions in multi-channel retailing will help customers improve order fulfilment and increase revenue. They will experience greater operational efficiencies and effective decision making, resulting in better service to customers.

Innovate with DNA

Unpredictability and uncertainty are always part of planning, but our retail expertise can help you overcome supply-chain and demand-planning inefficiencies. We can guide you to new ways of investing in innovation so you can renew your focus on brands with more creative marketing, better customer research, new line extensions, and in-store promotion programs.

Fashion and Apparel

In a technology-conscious market, fashion retailers are adopting technology to grow and retain customers. Technology is helping transform customer-facing processes such as targeted marketing, customer engagement, ease of product selection coupled with customization, promotional content, loyalty benefits and customer relationship management.

With the use of our retail experience and expertise, our clients will able to combine the data of the online world with mobile technologies and physical in-store needs for a seamless cross channel experience.

Department Stores

Department stores may be the bedrock of retail and form the all-important anchor of many shopping centres and malls. But today, retailers need to work not only harder, but smarter, to remain profitable. To survive, they need to perfect merchandising and marketing strategies and to target high-value customers.

We help stores maximize customer service and profits and meet changing consumer demands amid increased competition and complex supply chains. Our merchandising solutions include price optimization, category management, assortment planning, promotions and marketing.

From loyalty and customer relationship management to workforce management solutions, we help you provide seamless service to customers.

In addition to basic POS and WFMS services, we assist by implementing next generation customer touch points like personal shopping assistant, kiosks and digital signage.

A Better Retail Experience

Chains are dedicated to energizing the shopper experience, so we will create in-store CRM capabilities delivered via sales associates or self-service kiosks. Working with us to optimize their supply chains by applying principles of product lifecycle management, retailers will reduce by 25% the time required to bring products to the shelf.

.Supply chain, future state ordering, consolidated receiving, and EIS (executive information system) consolidation.

.Additional Retail Services


.Package implementation solutions

.Managed testing

.Application development

.Application maintenance

Discount Stores

Flexibility That Can Give You a Competitive Edge

Discount stores remain home to plenty of consumer spending. But discounters must act more nimbly to track fickle customer preferences. Increasing competition, decreasing brand loyalty, and shrinking margins are key challenges. Discounters face intense competitive pressure from both innovative grocers and the growth of non-store formats, such as the Internet and catalogues. Keeping shoppers loyal, regardless of the economic cycle, is critical.

Our team can help optimize merchandising, increase supply-chain efficiencies, generate accurate product-mix forecasts, and improve customer-service levels for retention. We can guarantee 100% our project leadership skills provide the same level of assurance they expect and receive from their own staff.

1. Core Service Deliverables

2. Application value maintenance

3. Development and maintenance

4. Package implementation and rollout

5. BPS

6. Retail IS and testing

7. Grocery and General Merchandise

8. Price, Convenience, Healthy Options

As consumers prefer more personalization, wider variety, fresher products and better convenience, it's the grocer's imperative to differentiate themselves in the entire value chain, especially in the areas of store design and layout, launch of private brands, supply chain efficiency and automation, inventory management, on shelf availability and replenishment, price transparency and loyalty programs.

At DNA, we have a consumer driven approach to address the changing needs of grocery retailers. Blended with our retail domain knowledge, technology expertise, and delivery excellence, we provide innovative and customized industry specific solutions.

Our areas of expertise and service include:

.Digital and multichannel excellence

.Emerging Markets



.Operations and Organization



We will lead our retail formats increase efficiency and drive growth by refining the retail offer and developing new organizational and technological capabilities.

Specialty Retail

Specialty retailers face the daunting challenge of competing with discount and online-only retailers who offer a broad selection of merchandize and low prices. To succeed in this hyper-competitive business environment, specialty retailers need innovative ways to compete and invest in offering products and services at compelling price points while delivering exceptional customer experience across all channels and touch points. Also, considering that this segment is the most affected by macro-economic factors, it is imperative for specialty retailers to continue to rely on technology powered business transformation and efficiency initiatives to survive and succeed.

We deliver unique solutions that can seamlessly adapt to the business environment by blending domain knowledge, technology expertise and delivery excellence.

We work with multiple leading specialty retailers across their value chain and build a competency portfolio in key focus areas such as:


2.Assortment Planning

3.Customer Experience Management

4.E-Commerce, Mobile & Social

5.Diversification & International Expansion

6.Inventory Planning

7.Price Optimization

8.Cross / Omni Channel Integration

Health and Wellness

Fit for Growth

In today's highly competitive Omni channel retail environment, it is an ongoing challenge to effectively shape the shopping experience to fit the health and wellness consumer needs while balancing capability building, organizational change and delivering profitable financial results.

From pharmacies to in-store clinics and healthcare kiosks, from retail establishments to drugstore chains to grocers will play vital roles to connect with consumers for better healthcare access, awareness and treatments.

At DNA, we help retailers with a health and wellness focus to do business better by understanding their customer personally and showing that they have their interests in mind.

We do this by helping our customers:

1.Turn to digital and social communities to connect, learn and engage

2.Leverage personalization and customization

3.Enhance consumer productivity with the use of mobile applications

4.Forecast customer behaviour with data driven insights

Innovate with DNA:

Unpredictability and uncertainty are always part of planning, but our retail expertise can help you overcome supply-chain and demand-planning inefficiencies. We can guide you to new ways of investing in innovation so you can renew your focus on brands with more creative marketing, better customer research, new line extensions, and in-store promotion programs

Let us help solve your business problems through innovation, driving increased store productivity and IT-enabled business process transformation along the way.