"Your Vision,Our Solution"


Today, we are living in a world, where technology is what defines our lifestyle. It is no longer a luxury; in fact, life without technology today is unthinkable. One such indispensable requirement in our lives is the mobile phone, and to make things better, Mobile Apps are just the thing of today! DNA technology works on creating mobile apps that have greatly revolutionized the world of business and given a window to greatly improve the underlying functionality of their organisation. Companies today, are fast moving towards taking app development services (related to Windows, Android, Blackberry, IPhone etc) in order to provide their prospective customers a reason to think of themselves. Here at DNA, we provide customised mobile app services are that are tailor made to what your requirements are. We possess expertise to create apps based on any industry, be it Health and Education, Product manufacturing to Engineering, Business to Travelling, etc. We strive to be the most influential mobile app development service which brings out the best outcomes unmatched .


We are an app development company; we can create apps on virtually anything that would coincide with your business. Our focus is to ensure the brand reaches the hands of the prospective customer. We aim at the development of such apps that can instantly get you closer to your goal.

We just do not design and develop mobile apps, we at DNA Technology, pour customer-enticing soul into your app ideas

From consultative front-end maintenance to back-end support, we remain active to provide you assistance round the clock in every possible domain. Our focus is mainly on developing user friendly and engaging mobile apps for our clients, while eliminating all forms of flaws that may fray the app.

Why DNA Mobility?

DNA believes that the most successful enterprise mobility strategies are built upon collaboration between business and IT. We call our approach “freedom within a framework” and it allows the business the freedom to innovate while providing IT the control to do it securely.

Taking leverage from the flexible IT framework that is constantly adapting to the changes, we lean on our industry knowledge and partnerships to make the right choices on vendors, devices and platforms. We can assist in minimizing risk and maximising ROI with the right choice of strategy and innovative solutions across mobile platforms and devices.

Advisory services

Our Advisory services team can help you achieve your strategy and enterprise mobility goals be it visioning, COE development and governance.

Fashion and Apparel

In a technology-conscious market, fashion retailers are adopting technology to grow and retain customers. Technology is helping transform customer-facing processes such as targeted marketing, customer engagement, ease of product selection coupled with customization, promotional content, loyalty benefits and customer relationship management.

With the use of our retail experience and expertise, our clients will able to combine the data of the online world with mobile technologies and physical in-store needs for a seamless cross channel experience.

Managed Services

Our Managed Services offering enables organizations to trade high upfront capital expenses for much lower operational expenses. A fully outsourced “pay as you go” model—from hardware configuration and staging to application administration and end-user support—simplifies budgeting and adds a high degree of cost certainty.

Delivery Services

Mobile technology demands that you reinvent the way you deliver software and services—from application development, UI and UX to testing, to data integration and security. Our Delivery Services team can help you reduce time-to-market for custom mobile applications through a variety of support models.

Mobility Solutions

Our Mobility Solutions team leverages the latest technologies to develop innovative, end-to-end mobile solutions that deliver lasting business value. Our wide range of pre-built frameworks, applications and solution accelerators can help jumpstart your enterprise mobility program. With deep domain expertise and diverse vertical industry knowledge backed by global resources, let DNA Mobility help you realize the promise of enterprise mobility to offer new products and services to customers and unlock your workforce productivity.