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Mobile Devices

"Mobility Solutions Be Social, Be Local, Be Mobile Over 5.3 billion people i.e 77% of the world’s population are now on mobile. This rapid proliferation of mobile technology allows for faster, cost-effective, enhanced-capability devices along-with a growing eco-system which often overwhelms decision makers in taking the right steps to leverage this technology to drive their business results. While a vast majority of organizations have taken the 1st step with Beyond policies in place, very few organizations have progressed beyond the messaging apps for their mobile workforce. While there are good examples of innovative use of mobile technology from a customer-facing perspective, most businesses have yet to evolve the right strategy to fully leverage mobile technologies."
"Mobile devices have become the centerpiece of our work and personal lives. Add to that cloud enabled social tools and predictive analytics and you have a business environment that is always on the move. This new IT landscape is profoundly changing the way companies relate to their customers, interact with employees, and bring products and services to market. And enterprise mobility is not only a pathway to convenience and efficiency in this new world of work but a key driver of business innovation.

Why DNA?

DNA Mobility understands that enterprise mobility isn’t just another IT project. Nor is it about a single app or mobile web site. In our experience, the most successful enterprise mobility strategies are built on a strong collaboration between business and IT. To innovate while providing IT the control to do it securely.

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