"Your Vision,Our Solution"

Business Consulting Services

The problem is never how to get new, innovative thoughts into your mind, but how to get old ones out.” --Dee Hock, Founder of Visa

In today’s business world, the only constant is change. Clearly due to its inherent nature, it is imperative that emerging businesses create a system that can readily adapt to the growing alterations globally.

DNA is synonymous with thinking ahead. Evolution in business is manifold; in an era, where history will most likely not repeat itself, learning to adapt to the globally accepted changes has become quintessential. To be able to anticipate the nature of changes and to be armed to counter that change what we are thinking about today. Here at DNA, we gear you up to solve the issues at hand, but more importantly, we start gearing you up for what is ahead in store for you

Transformation – the key to your problems

Optimisation of the business in all aspects to improve the bottom line and meet the future with zero fear of failure – that is our Transformation Model.

The crux of our model is implementation of lean optimisation, virtualisation of non-core operations and harnessing new technology together with fostering future generation agreements at the highest level of trust.

Competitive advantages

DNA Consulting is equipped to provide you with the business analysis to meet your needs, complete with follow-through and implementation together with deliverance of resources whose depth and quality are unmatched in the industry.


DNA Consulting provides services through eight practices:

. Business Transformation

. Process Excellence

. Enterprise Architecture Consulting

. Customer Relationship Management

. Supply Chain Management

. Human Capital Management

. Governance, Risk and Compliance

. Finance and accounting