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Banking and Financial Services

"Technology breakthroughs, reversal of deregulation and dynamic markets are impacting the banking industry. Non-banking players such as mobile operators and Internet startups are also offering similar products and solutions. This is forcing the banks to be more innovative and proactive in their operations and risk management measures.

DNA leverages its extensive domain and technical expertise, to deliver solutions for world’s leading banks and financial institutions. The proprietary frameworks help accelerate solution development and implementation.

We enable bank’s IT organization to provide reliable, predictable and scalable services to its business users and end consumers. We have ability to manage and execute strategic initiatives and programs of varying size and scale, on time, using innovative delivery models. We provide 24/7 support for mission critical infrastructure and applications with stringent SLAs. We also help banks in leveraging latest technology to derive insights from historical data and engage with their partners and customers using the digital medium."

Why DNA?

We help financial services firms develop business solutions that drive efficiency, effectiveness, innovation and virtualization. When you choose DNA Technology, you benefit from deep industry expertise to help manage risk, comply with regulations, enhance product features and manage your business transformation challenges.

Segments We Serve

There are generalists and there are specialists. It makes sense to choose a firm organized around specialists—smart people succeeding every day in the global financial markets. With DNA, you gain access to an expanded team of technology and functional experts who specialize in:

Wealth Management

Cards & Payments

Investment Banking & Brokerage

Consumer Lending

Wealth Management

New standards of performance for Wealth and Investment Banks demand technological scale and agility

The complexity of services and products related to wealth management and investment banking has increased considerably. There is a renewed emphasis on minimizing operational and application costs, maximizing revenue and addressing regulatory requirements. New standards of performance are being set for banks without borders.

DNA's Wealth Management Solutions and Investment Banking practices are structured to deliver the conflicting demands of scale and agility around IT strategy, infrastructure and supportCards& Payments

With the rapid rise in credit card defaults, you need to limit your exposure. Our solutions help monitor and reduce risk, so you can focus on targeting, acquiring and retaining the most credit-worthy customers.

Cards &Payments

Deliver growth and manage costs by creating the banking experience of the future.

With increased competition, the key to long term profitability in Cards is in acquiring new card holders, increasing usage of current card holders and reducing fraud. On the payments side, new platforms that provide an enterprise-wide view and deliver services driven by cross-border transactions, a heightened regulatory environment and changing customer needs, are enabling growth. New, non-traditional players, alternative payment instruments and contactless payments are driving consumer trends in payment preferences.

Integrated banking, superior business intelligence and platforms that add value across the payment chain are driving investments in new solutions. A shift in focus from high value to low value payments, from credit to debit cards and the need for deeper personalization of products and services is having an extraordinary impact.

Investment Banking & Brokerage

Our specialists create business processes that scale up or down as needed to meet your investment banking and brokerage goals—while reducing your costs, as well.

Facing the demands of the market

Unrelenting market pressure requires investment banks to perform at faster speeds with lower costs. New regulatory restraints add complexity and challenges. Surviving—and prospering—in these times demands excellence at every point of operation, from front, to middle, to back office, such as clearing and settlement. It also requires leveraging emerging industry standards.

Our expert team has lived through bear and bull markets. As investment banking and brokerage specialists, they have built proven systems for all facets of your business. They create automated processes that can scale up or down as needed to meet your business goals and obligations, while lowering costs. Our expertise spans the entire range of financial business processes.

Consumer Lending

Many firms are going ‘back to basics’ and focusing on core deposits and asset gathering, yet the pressure to grow lending increases. Our experts can help you manage the risk and costs of acquiring and developing the right customers.

Demographic trends like the rise of the mobile, socially-networked consumer and the growth of emerging markets are transforming where and how financial services are delivered and consumed. While many firms are going ‘back to basics’ and focusing on core deposits and asset gathering, the pressure on banks to increase lending is increasing. But managing the risk and costs of acquiring and developing the right customers remains challenging. Pricing and fees are under siege as customers demand greater value, yet product, service and channel innovations are creating new potential revenue sources.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Today, financial institutions face triumvirate challenge of a) growth under adverse business conditions, b) increasing operational efficiency and c) regaining the trust of markets, regulators and their customers. FI's are now at the early stages of a transformation and face a host of new and expansive regulations affecting their business models and profitability.

FI's are seeking solutions to

• Manage the increased demand for information to provide business insights and meet the expectations of regulators with minimum manual intervention

• Transform the piecemeal nature of solutions into well integrated standard solutions providing long-term benefits

Responding to industry needs, we bring together our deep domain knowledge in Finance, Risk and Compliance along with our proven IT and business process outsourcing strengths to help clients across Banking, Capital Markets and Insurance industry meet regulatory and business challenges by delivering customized risk and compliance solutions.